11 Resources Every Product Designer Needs To Know

I’ve found myself returning to a few key resources on product design over the years. No matter where you are in your product design journey, the books and articles below can spark fresh thinking about how to improve your product.

1. Finding Product Market Fit

The Product Market Fit Scorecard: Stop Wondering, Start Measuring

2. Defining an MVP

Building Minimum Viable Products at Spotify

3. Software Development Process

What is Agile Methodology

4. Onboarding Users

The Elements of User Onboarding

5. Engaging Users

Designing For The Social Web

6. Optimizing Conversions

Making Websites Win

7. Optimizing Retention

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

8. Usability & UX

Don’t Make Me Think

9. Visual Design Patterns

2019 UI and UX Trends

10. A/B Testing

Split Testing 101

11. Email Marketing

Mastering Drip